Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Equality & Discrimination

Equality by itself is not a bipolarity; it is a continuum. However, in our society it is made into a bipolarity. To require that one be the same as those who set the standard - those which one is already socially defined as different from - simply means that equality is conceptually designed never to be achieved. Those who most need equal treatment will be the least similar to those whose situation says the standard as against which one's entitlement to be equally treated is measured.

Doctrinally, the deepest problems of inequality will not find the lesser race in 'similarly situated' to the "privileged". Far less will practice of inequality requires that acts be intentionally discriminatory. All that is required is that the "status quo" be maintained. As a strategy for maintaining social power, first structure reality unequally, then require that entitlement to alter it be grounded on a lack of distinction in situation; then structure perception so that different equals inferior, then require that discrimination be activated by evil minds who know they are treating equals as less.

Let what the discriminant says matter, then they will discourse on questions of morality. Take your foot off their necks, then we will hear in what tongue you speak.

For as long as human equality is limited by race difference, whether you like it or don't like it, whether you value it or seek to negate it, whether you stake it out as a grounds of humanism or occupy it as a terrain of misoneism, meritocracy and justiciability will be born, degrade and die.

As a nation, we should settle for nothing less than equal protection of the laws under which one would be born, live, and die, in a country where protection is not a dirty word and equality is not a special privilege.